Alfred Campbell Series by Mrs. Barbara Hofland (1740-1844)

Barbara Wreaks was born in Sheffield, England. She wrote poetry early on and as Barbara Hoole (she married Thomas Hoole in 1796) published her first book in 1805. This book of verses was quite popular and sold 2000 copies. Thomas Hoole died in 1799 and Barbara married Thomas Hofland in 1810. Hofland continued her writing career. She was quite prolific during this second and rather turbulent marriage. Thomas Hofland died in 1833. She is credited with writing some of the first juvenile travelogue books. The Alfred Campbell series is noted here. She also wrote a couple of single non series travelogue books: The Young Northern Traveller (1813) and The Young Cadet (1828) .

The Alfred Campbell books were largely based on the writings of others. Hofland credits the writings of Rae Wilson (Travels in Egypt and the Holy Land) and Captain Mangles (his unpublished work) for the descriptions found in "Alfred Campbell". In The Young Pilgrim's preface Hofland once again thanks Captain Mangles and Sir F. Henniker for giving permission to use descriptions from their writings.

Both books were first published and later reprinted numerous times in England. They also had later publications in the United States.

1. Alfred Campbell, or The Young Pilgrim (First edition by John Harris, London 1825)
2. The Young Pilgrim, or Alfred Campbell's Return to the East (First edition by John Harris, London 1826)

In Alfred Campbell, Alfred and his dad go to Egypt by way of Paris. The narrative includes observations about the various religious groups and in particular speaks to differences between Christianity and the other encountered religions. It is not moralistic in terms of Alfred but there is significant religious sermonizing with many platitudes about the greatness of Christianity.

In the Young Pilgrim Alfred goes traveling with Clayfield, a student friend, to Egypt, Asia Minor, Arabia, Vienna. Alfred points out the interesting sites. The text is similar to that of the preceding book.

American Editions:

Alfred Campbell
Munroe and Francis, Boston 1827 // Also later reprint in 1830 with Charles S. Francis, New York - co-publisher

The Young Pilgrim
Orville A. Roorbach, Philadelphia 1828
James Kay, Jr., a Philadelphia publisher, 1831
H. Conrad and E. Parsons, Philadelphia, 1834. This almost unheard of publisher's book must be very rare indeed.
Henry F. Anners, Philadelphia, 1845

1828 Orville A. Roorbach


Henry F. Anners