Butterfly's Flights by Sarah Stuart Robbins 1869

This six volume series was written by Sarah Stuart Robbins (1817-1890). Butterfly has simple travels with her two aunts. There is a religious/moralistic tone to these simple geographical adventures which is more significant than the surroundings visited.

Butterfly at Mount Mansfield
Butterfly at Saratoga
Butterfly at Niagara
Butterfly's Trip to Montreal
Butterfly at the Sea-Side
Butterfly in Philadelphia

Robert Carter published this series in two formats. The first editions of all six books were copyrighted in 1869. Each volume has one illustration, the frontispiece. 7" x 4.75".

Initially the books were published as individual volumes. They were sold as a boxed set for $4.50. By 1871 the set cost $3.60.

Format 1

Later (by 1874) the six titles were published in three books (6" x 4.5"). They were not sold separately but rather in a box which cost $2.25.

Format 2 (Two titles in one volume)

The series was later published by D. D. Merrill of St. Paul, Minnesota. The six volumes were sold in a boxed set for $3.60. I believe these volumes were published in the early 1890's.