Little People Everywhere Series

These books were written by Etta Blaisdell McDonald (Blaisdell) and Julia Dalrymple. Some books say "School Edition" on the title page: Gr 4-8. But there is no internal difference between the "School Edition" and the regular edition. The American editions were published by Little, Brown and Company. Wells, Gardner and Darton published these titles in the same format in England.

Each of the Little, Brown books have red cloth with an appliqué on the cover which is identical to the frontispiece picture. Each book has the same dust jacket. The books are 7.5” x 5”.

All of the volumes have endpapers which list the titles in the series. In the early books there are only twelve titles shown on the endpapers. Later all fourteen titles are noted. The endpapers also picture characters from the books. Interestingly, titles which were yet to be published are shown on the endpapers of earlier books. Apparently a number of the titles were planned well ahead of their actual publication.

These endpapers are from a 1914 book even though they list Chandra in India, a 1916 title.

The fourteen books of this series each feature a different character in his/her native land. The reader is taken on a tour of the country. Pictures throughout the book show special geographical highlights. The volumes have a colored frontispiece and eight internal photographs, all copyrighted by Underwood and Underwood. The latter company was well known as a prolific producer of stereoviews.

These books are frequently listed alphabetically in catalogues. I am listing them by publication date here. The numbering is arbitrary. Each title was reprinted numerous times over the years.

1. Rafael In Italy 1909
2. Ume San in Japan 1909
3. Manuel in Mexico 1909
4. Kathleen in Ireland 1909
5. Fritz in Germany 1910
6. Gerda in Sweden 1910
7. Betty in Canada 1910
8. Boris in Russia 1910
9. Marta in Holland 1911
10. Hassan in Egypt 1911
11. Josefa in Spain 1912
12. Donald in Scotland 1912
13. Colette in France (McDonald only) 1913
14. Chandra in India 1916



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