Our Boys Series

Harry W. French (1854-1915) wrote the Our Boys books. Two of them, Our Boys in China and Our Boys in India were published by Lee and Shepard initially within the Young Folks' Trophies of Travel Series. This book Series also included the three Greey Travelogue books and one book by Charles Hall. Later French wrote Our Boys in Ireland which was not published by Lee and Shepard

Our Boys in India 1882
Our Boys in China 1883

These stories chronicle the adventures of Scott and Paul Clayton. The China book continues the adventures of the boys in India who are shipwrecked in China when they were returning from India.

The Lee and Shepard books were published in cloth and with chromolithographed covers. The board cover books cost $1.75 and the cloth bound books are $2.50.

Here is an 1883 Lee and Shepard ad found in Publishers Weekly:


Worthington Company, New York
This firm published the first edition in 1891 of Our Boys in Ireland. No other French Our Boys books were published by this company. This cloth 8 vo. book cost $2.50.

C. E. Brown and Company, Boston
In 1892 a multivolume series called the Roundabout Books was published by C. E. Brown and Co. This set included a number of books about travel and adventure. It contained travelogue books by Daniel Eddy, Harry W. French and Edward Greey. After 1892 more books were added to the series. The French books are #3 and #4. The Roundabout Books are published in two formats. Lithographed covers cost $1.25 and red cloth and silver were priced at $1.75.
3. Our Boys in India
4. Our Boys in China

This is an 1893 ad for the Roundabout Books. This ad does not mention the lithographed illuminated board covers and that format has not been seen for the French books (as of yet). Note the other travelogue books in this series (Eddy's Travels, Greey's Young Americans).


P. J. Kenedy, Excelsior Publishing House a New York publisher issued Our Boys in Ireland in 1896. This book cost $2.50.

The International Book and publishing Company printed the three Our Boys books in 1899. One of these titles have been seen.

John R. Anderson published two French books in 1902. These books cost $1.25. (Neither of these volumes have been seen)
Our Boys in China
Our Boys in India