Paul and Peggy Books by Florence E. Scott/Hurst and Co.

This three title series describes the journeys of the twins- Paul and Peggy and their friends. The travelogue aspect is frequently secondary to the fun times of the juveniles. The books were mainly designed for young girl readers.

Florence E. Scott (Mrs. Richard Hurst) wrote this three book series. It was published by Hurst and Co.

There are two formats. The earlier first editions are large 12 mo. books with different cover pictures. Each book has internal illustrations by Arthur O. Scott. There are also photographs by Richard Hurst.

The reprints all have the same cover picture, are 12 mo. in size. and only have a frontispiece.

Here and There with Paul and Peggy 1914
Across the Continent with Paul and Peggy 1915
Through the Yellowstone with Paul and Peggy 1916

This ad appeared in June, 1914

Review from June, 1914


Review from October, 1915


Second format

The decorative designers did the cover design work for these books. Here is a letter to Scott (Hurst) from this company.