Witch Winnie Series

The nine volume Witch Winnie Series was written by Elizabeth Champney.

Witch Winnie and her friends, Nellie, Emma, and Milly all attend a boarding school. The King's Daughter organization was founded by Margaret Bottome in 1886. It was established to promote self improvement and Christian service. The series follows the adventures of the art student girls both locally and abroad. The group is charitable and helpful to those less fortunate. The European travels discuss local geography and art.

1. Witch Winnie; the Story of a "King's Daughter" 1889
2. Witch Winnie's Mystery; The Old Oak Cabinet 1891 (illustrated by J. Wells Champney and C.D. Gibson)
3. Witch Winnie's Studio; or, The King's Daughter's Art Life 1892 (illustrated by J. Wells Champney)
4. Witch Winnie in Paris; or, The King's Daughters Abroad 1893 (illustrated by J. Wells Champney)
5. Witch Winnie at Shinnecock; or, the King's Daughter in a Summer Art School 1894 (illustrated by J. Wells Champney)
6. Witch Winnie in Versailles 1895
7. Witch Winnie in Holland 1896 (First edition has 1896 on the title page)
8. Witch Winnie in Venice, and the Alchemist's Story 1897
9. Witch Winnie in Spain 1898

Four different American firms published these titles. The Rose Publishing Company, Toronto also published Volume 1 in 1889.

Oliphant, Anderson and Ferrier, an Edinburgh/London publisher, printed Witch Winnie in 1890.

1. White and Allen, New York and London Volume 1 only.

This book has four glossy pictorial full page illustrations by Frances Brundage (1854-1937). The first page of each chapter has a line drawn portrait of a character from that chapter. These illustrations were drawn by James Wells Champney, the author's husband. 1889

2. Dodd, Mead and Company, New York Volumes 1-9 1891-1910 2 Formats
These books have the same format as the White and Allen book. Volume 1 was copyrighted and first printed by this firm in 1891.This format was published at least until 1898 since a copy of "Spain" has been seen with this cover.

The Dodd Mead price was $1.50 each. In 1901 a "New Popular Edition" was introduced. It cost $1.25. It was published until 1910. Starting in 1911 Chatterton published this series.

1891-1900 Format

The first "Holland" book below was published in 1896. Note that the other Witch Winnie with the later format also has an 1896 dated title page.

Interestingly the later format (Oval) has been seen with an 1896 Holland book and an 1897 Venice book. This would seem to indicate that either both formats were being published at the same time or that earlier title pages were still being used for the later format.

Certainly the latter volume is the precursor format to the Chatterton and Hurst Witch Winnie books.


Phenix Series 1902
This multivolume multi authored publisher's series added this 16 mo. title as #58 in 1902. It cost 40 cents.

A later Dodd, Mead and Co. format has been seen. At this time I do not know the years or have any details about this format's publication.

3. A. L. Chatterton Company Volume 1-9 1911
This company starting reprinting these books in 1911.


4. Hurst and Company, New York
Hurst published this series in the mid teens.